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Export development

Our innovative approach helps support the development and export of firms in foreign markets which in turn are able to source clients internationally. Breaking into new markets, your firm will gain valuable experience and substantially broaden its list of contacts. With our solutions, we will strength your image and become acquainted with the needs of your customers which will improve the growth and quality of your products and services. Taking part in industry fairs abroad, we will be sure to market your products and services.

Import support

We will also provide complex support involved with importing materials for your firm. This includes finding foreign partners to work with, designing and implementing an effective supply chain and lowering your business’ costs. Together with you, we will take part in business negotiations and we will represent your company professionally in its activities. Market research, reports and designing your sales policy will help define your clients’ needs and grow your business.

Social media development

Be where your customers are! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. With a social media presence, your company can gain something invaluable, that’s customer feedback. We will establish a following and interaction with your customer base to your brand. We will prepare an individual strategy tailored to your needs. We will ensure creative content and present your company in the brightest light possible. You will have the capability of interacting with your clients directly. We will stir positive emotions, get your customers involved, realize your business goals and ensure the clients’ needs are met.

Employee outsourcing

More and more often there is a problem with finding a specialist who will cope with the assigned tasks. You can commission us to look for employees who will meet your requirements. We will comprehensively support your activities in the field of recruiting employees to your company. And we do it globally! Our goal is to relieve our clients in the search for employees who meet the highest standards and their training.


Quality, grammar and style used in English, German, Italian and French are purely and professionally a pleasure for us to ensure. We will make sure any websites, sales material, catalogs, brochures, product descriptions and even social media content are translated perfectly. We do this by having your international image and reputations as our priority in mind. We will be sure to find a common language with your clients.

Marketing strategy support

Reaching our goals, step by step, hand in hand, with the use of maps and a road signs – this is how we see the creation of your company’s marketing strategy. Consistent, simple communication will convince even the most demanding of clients. Together, we will formulate the appropriate actions and tools with which we you will be able to reach your business’ target audience.

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